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Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences


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Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture


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9th International Ergonomics Conference - ERGONOMICS 2022
(Hybrid event)
December 7-10, 2022
Zagreb, Croatia

The Conferences in this series have been organized by Croatian Ergonomics Society since 2001, and traditionally bring together enthusiasts, experts and scientists from all over the world. ERGONOMICS 2022 is a joint project within three faculties of the University of Zagreb - Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture, and Faculty of Textile Technology.

ERGONOMICS 2022 is endorsed by International Ergonomics Association (IEA), Federation of the European Ergonomics Societies (FEES) and Acoustical Society of Croatia (ASC). It is under the auspices of the Ministry of Labour, Pension System, Family and Social Policy of the Republic of Croatia.

Groups of topics (not limited to):

  • Aesthetics and Ergonomics
  • Biomechanics and Modelling in Ergonomics
  • Cognitive Ergonomics
  • Education and Trainings in Work Safety and Ergonomics
  • Ergonomics for People with Disabilities and Aging Population
  • Ergonomics in Product and Process Design
  • Ergonomic Regulations, Standards and Guidelines Healthcare Ergonomics
  • Physical Ergonomics and Human Factors
  • Human Comfort
  • Safety and Risk Ergonomics
  • Psychoacoustic Ergonomics
  • Social and Occupational Ergonomics
  • Traffic and Transport Ergonomics

Hybrid event
The conference will be organised as a hybrid event with the following options:
- live, on-site oral/poster presentation
- real-time on-line oral presentation
- pre-recorded oral presentation.
Research and professional ideas, hypothesis and results, along with research infrastructure and methodology, can be presented in the framework of the "Research and project space" section of the Conference.

Important dates (fourth call):
July 20th, 2022 - Abstract submission
July 25th, 2022 - Notification of abstract acceptance
September 15th, 2022 - Final full paper submission
October 20th, 2022 - Notification of full paper acceptance

Book of Abstracts Ergonomics 2022

Conference program

Conference fee and payment info

Form for privileged accomodation at Meridijan 16*** hotel

Conference committees:

Paper preparation & publication

The official language of the Conference is English. Authors are invited to submit original and previously unpublished research papers for oral or poster presentations. All submissions will be peer-reviewed by the International Scientific Committee regardless of the chosen type of presentation.

In the first stage of submission process, participants are obligated to submit a paper abstract, using the Abstract template and Registration form. After the abstract is accepted, participants will be invited to submit full text paper, which is suppose to be formatted on the official Paper template.

The accepted abstracts will be published in the Book of Abstracts (with ISSN, all rights reserved by CrES). The post-conference Proceedings, indexed in Scopus with full texts of all accepted and reviewed papers, will be published by Springer entitled “Proceedings of the 9th International Ergonomics Conference - ERGONOMICS 2022."


Editor-in-Chief: Ivana Salopek Čubrić, PhD

Editorial Board:
Goran Čubrić, PhD
Kristian Jambrošić, PhD
Tanja Jurčević Lulić, PhD
Ivana Salopek Čubrić, PhD
Davor Sumpor, PhD

Editor's Note

The editors of the Book of Abstracts are not responsible either for the statements made, or for the opinions expressed in the publication. The publication contains reviewed and accepted abstracts. All rights are reserved by CrES, and the content may not be reproduced, downloaded, disseminated, published, or transferred in any form or by any means, except with the prior written permission. The Book of Abstracts is published every two years, ISSN: 2757-0517 (print) and ISSN: 2757-0525 (USB).
The post-conference Proceedings indexed in Scopus with full texts of all accepted and reviewed papers will be published by Springer titled "Proceedings of the 9th International Ergonomics Conference - ERGONOMICS 2022". Proceedings will be included is the series "Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems" with ISSN 2367-3370.
As soon as the post-conference Proceedings is published we will provide a special link to Springer platform which will allow temporary (4 weeks) eBook free access for all authors and Conference participants.


The Conference will be held under the auspices of the Ministry of Labour, Pension System, Family and Social Policy of the Republic of Croatia. We are in the contact with the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of the Republic of Croatia, and we have ensured an easiest way for overcoming the procedure to ensure a visa for entering the Republic of Croatia only by using a Personal letter of invitation.

Please, do not hesitate to ask for more information at

History of the Ergonomics Conferences

Based on the Croatian Ergonomics Society (CrES) objectives, identified in the early days of the CrES existence, our most prominent and most important action is to organize, co-organize, support and endorse international conferences within the field of ergonomics, as well as to establish connections with other complementary Societies and individuals from Croatia and the World.

The Conferences in "Ergonomics" series have been organized by the CrES since 2001 as part of CrES objectives to promote ergonomics and to exchange knowledge and experience with the scientific and professional community from Croatia and the World. The Conferences in the "Ergonomics" series have been founded and created by Prof. Budimir Mijović, who was also the President of the Organizing committees of Conferences until 2013. The Conferences have been successfully organized every three years since 2001, as well as every two years since 2016, in their consecutive order, as follows:

- 1st International Ergonomics Conference - Ergonomics 2001, Zagreb,
- 2nd International Ergonomics Conference - Ergonomics 2004, Stubičke Toplice, Zagreb,
- 3rd International Ergonomics Conference - Ergonomics 2007, Stubičke Toplice, Zagreb,
- 4th International Ergonomics Conference - Ergonomics 2010, Stubičke Toplice, Zagreb,
- 5th International Ergonomics Conference - Ergonomics 2013, Zadar,
- 6th International Ergonomics Conference - Ergonomics 2016 - Focus on Synergy, Zadar. More...
- 7th International Ergonomics Conference - Ergonomics 2018 - Emphasis on Wellbeing, Zadar. More...
- 8th International Ergonomics Conference - Ergonomics 2020, More...
- 9th International Ergonomics Conference - Ergonomics 2022, Invitation letter

Proceedings and / or Books of Abstracts are legally available for use here:
5th International Ergonomics Conference - ERGONOMICS 2013
6th International Ergonomics Conference - ERGONOMICS 2016 - Focus on Synergy
7th International Ergonomics Conference - ERGONOMICS 2018 - Emphasis on Wellbeing
8th International Ergonomics Conference - Book of Abstracts - ERGONOMICS 2020

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Safety: Journal for the safety in the work organization and living environment

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Institute of safety research and development


International Journal of Human Factors and Ergonomics

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